Ubongo Kids Sing-Along | The Magic of Mathematics | Math Music Video

Author: Ubongo Kids English

Get ready to find the fun in math! Sing along with Uncle T, the rapping giraffe, all about the magic of mathematics!

Ubongo Kids is an animated educational TV series produced in Tanzania, which helps kids find the fun in learning.

Watch Ubongo Kids on TV:
TANZANIA: Sat. & Sun. at 9am on TBC1
KENYA: Sat. at 8:30am on QTV (in Kiswahili) and 10am on NTV (in English)
RWANDA: Sat. at 9am on RTV
UGANDA: Sat. at 9:30am on NTV Uganda
GHANA: Wed. at 4pm on GTV

Brought to you by Ubongo, the Tanzanian social enterprise that entertains kid to learn and love learning.


http://twitter.com/ubongotz .

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