Standard Normal Distribution Tables, Z Scores, Probability & Empirical Rule – Stats

Author: The Organic Chemistry Tutor

This statistics video tutorial provides a basic introduction into standard normal distributions. It explains how to find the Z-score given a value of x as well as the mean and standard deviation. It explains how to determine the probability by finding the area under the curve represented by f(x) – the probability density function using the empirical rule and the Z-tables. This video contains plenty of examples and practice problems.

Here is a list of topics:
0:00 – Introduction into standard normal distributions
6:55 – How To Find The Z-scores Given x
8:37 – How To Calculate x Given The Z Score
10:33 – Calculating Probability Using The Empirical Rule
20:24 – How To Use Z-Scores To Determine The Area Under The Curve
22:44 – How To Use Standard Normal Distribution Z-Tables
24:31 – How To Solve Probability Problems Using Z-Tables
34:15 – How To Find The 90th Percentile
42:43 – How To Calculate The Mean and Standard Deviation of a Random Sample

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