Geometry Final Exam Review – Study Guide

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This geometry final exam review contains plenty of multiple choice practice problems as well as some free response questions to help you pass your next test.

Here is a list of topics:
1. Right Angles and Angle Addition
2. Segment Addition and Midpoint Theorem
3. Complementary Angles and Supplementary Angles
4. Angle Measures of Triangles
5. Area of Shaded Region
6. Area of a Circle and Area of a Triangle
7. Area of an Equilateral Triangle
8. Parallel Lines and Transversals
9. Alternate Interior Angles and Alternate Exterior Angles
10. Vertical Angles and Corresponding Angles
11. Same Side Consecutive Interior Angles
12. Diagonals of a Polygon – Regular Hexagon
13. Exterior Angle Theorem – Remote Interior Angles
14. Interior Angle of Polygons – Regular Hexagon
15. DMS – Degrees Minutes and Seconds
16. Altitudes, Medians, Perpendicular Bisectors & Angle Bisectors
17. Writing The Equation of a Circle In Standard Form Given The Endpoints of the Diameter
18. Distance Formula and Midpoint Formula
19. Area of a Scalene Triangle Using Heron’s Formula
20. Area and Perimeter of a Rectangle Word Problem
21. Area of a Square Given Length of Diagonal
22. Area of a Rhombus & Area of a Kite
23. Volume, Surface Area, and Diagonal Length of a Rectangular Prism
24. Similar Triangles and Figures
25. Trapezoids and Quadrilaterals
26. Chord Chord Power Theorem, Tangent Secant Power Theorem
27. How To Find The Slope Between Two Points
28. Slope of an Altitude
29. Chord Chord Angles and Secant Secant Angles
30. Surface Area of a Cone & Slant Height
31. Chords of a Circle, Radius, and Segments
32. Arithmetic mean and Geometric Mean
33. Altitude on Hypotenuse Theorem
34. Properties of Parallelograms
35. Area of a regular polygon – area of a regular hexagon
36. Surface Area of a Triangular Prism
37. Arc Measure of Circles and Tangent Tangent Angles

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