Beauty Is Suffering [Part 1 – The Mathematician]

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Beauty Is Suffering [Part 1 – The Mathematician]

It is not his specific journey which is crucial, it is what his journey represents. Whether we are listening to a piece of music, using a piece of technology, or gazing into a painting, we are, in those very moments, connecting with some sort of human experience other than our own.

In many cultures around the world, there is a tendency to idolise great achievement without taking heed of the very real human struggle which takes place in order for our own senses to receive new wisdom. True culminations of these types of enjoyment, reveal themselves in what can best be described as transcendent awe.

Whilst many outpourings of the human soul don’t stem from suffering and sacrifice, the majority of them do, no matter how subtle they seem. Many of our greatest artistic, social, and scientific insights came about because one or more human beings paid for them in one currency or another.

The paradox is; if a large portion of your culture of which you enjoy is connected to suffering and you had the power to remove suffering from human history, would you?

This series is dedicated to the living and dead, sung and unsung heroes, who continue to struggle or struggled in any way in order for me, to every now and then, experience that transcendent moment of true connectedness to my humanity and my existence.

It is for these moments that I live for.

Video: BBC Horizon – Fermat’s Last Theorem.
Music: James Horner – Of one heart, of one mind. .

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