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This math video tutorial provides a basic introduction into algebra.

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Here is a list of topics:
1. Adding and Subtracting Like Terms
2. Properties of Exponents
3. Multiplying Monomials
4. Dividing Monomials
5. Exponents and Powers
6. Zero Power Exponents
7. Negative Exponents
8. Factoring The GCF
9. Factoring Difference of Squares
10. How To Factor By Grouping
11. Factoring Sums and Differences of Perfect Cubes
12. Factoring Trinomials
13. Solving Basic Equations By Addition and Subtraction
14. Solving Linear Equations By Multiplication and Division
15. Solving Equations With Variables and Parentheses on Both Sides
16. How To Solve Equations With Fractions .

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