Genetic algorithm ecosystem in Houdini -4 | Clustered bloops and statistics visualization

Author: Sohey

It seems medium-size bloops can survive .

This is still an asexual reproduction. However, this time I divid them into 5 clusters.

Basically there will be 5 sizes. Since DNAs might mutate, there will be some random sizes for such bloops. But they still inherit colors from their parents.

I add a visualization for the ecosystem which I think it’s fun to watch.

– Horizontal bars: Health.
– Curves in the circle: parent-child relation.
– Vertical hexagonal bars: moving speed.
– a,b,c,d,e with numbers: the counters for these 5 bloop families.

The probability of reproduction is 25% lesser than last asexual reproduction video, so there will be lesser bloops.

Video source Vimeo

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