What it takes to DOUBLE MAJOR in COMPUTER SCIENCE and MATH | Full Course Schedule Freshman-Senior

Author: Liz Victoria

Here’s my college schedule as a double major in Computer Science and Math! I walk through each course I took and how many units it was for each semester of college (freshman through senior year). I hope this is helpful for you:) If you want to skip around to a specific year of college, see the timestamps below. Follow me @liz_victoria_yt on instagram! Feel free to ask me any questions!!! I love responding to all of your comments! 😀


Timestamps (in Minutes:Seconds)
00:00 Intro
00:50 About Me
01:50 Action items before picking a school or declaring a major
04:00 Schedule Color Key
04:32 Caveat
05:22 Transfer Credits
07:06 Freshman Year
08:08 Sophomore Year
09:38 Junior Year
11:13 Senior Year
13:38 Misc Courses
14:25 Total Credits and Courses
15:45 Overall College Recap
17:06 Repeat!
17:49 Anything Is Possible

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