2 + 2 = 5 How | Breaking the rules of mathematics | Fun of Mathematics: Ep 1

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Prove that 2+2=5 | Breaking the rules of mathematics.
The one of the viral math equation is 2+2=5. It is not usual mathematical result that 2+2=5. However, it is easy to prove that 2+2=5. In this video, I show the solution of 2+2=5 through a funny viral math trick. Two plus two equals five is very common math trick, I am representing here in an attractive way of explanations. It is comparable to 0% financing on the car loan (don’t take it seriously, I am kidding). I made this viral math equation and you try to find out where is the mistake in 2+2=5 math.

I am launching a new series of video related to mathematics by the playlist ‘Fun of Mathematics’. Video related to funny mathematics related things will be uploaded on every Tuesday at 2 pm Central European time.
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